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MPB is a masterclass that shapes already established organizational leaders into leaders of exceptional ability.

Chairman. Apple Growth Partners
This was the best practice management course I have ever taken. Gary Shamis and his stellar team brought their collective "A" game, never a dull moment.

Charles F. (Chuck) Mullen | CPA, CMA, MTax, CGMA. Chairman.
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CEO BeachFleischman
The bootcamp gave me the tools, perspective and peer support group that I needed to take on my new role as CEO. I signed up for the bootcamp because of the content, and left with a new group of colleagues and friends with whom I continue to collaborate with today.

Eric Majchrzak | CEO
Chief Compliance Officer, Dakota Wealth Management
By keeping the attendee list small, we had the opportunity to ask questions and share our thoughts and issues we faced. It also allowed us to learn how other firms function. Having the full focus of the expertise of the presenters we were offered tips and knowledge gained from years of their success and in some ceased failures, condensed into a reasonable two-sessionss of two days.

Brenda Hood | Chief Compliance Officer
CEO, CBIZ Paytime
MPB is a terrific option for this whom you need to step up and understand how to run any type of professional firm. The camaraderie, setting, and quality of the presenters and topics makes this one of the most impactful personal experiences anyone, who is rising to the level of managing partner or equivalent, can have.

Robert Gialamas, FPC | CEO
CPA Partner-in-Charge, Retail, Franchise & Hospitality, Aprio
The Managing Partner Bootcamp is invaluable to our partner group. It allows our current and future leaders to refine their skills, outlook and perspective on successfully running a professional services firm. The speakers, content and connection have been top notch.

Tommy Lee | CPA Partner-in-Charge, Retail, Franchise & Hospitality
Managing Partner. Whalen & Company, CPAs
You have done a great job in developing this bootcamp and the content. I did not know what to expect. I attended many programs and thought this would be another one that I might come out gaining "something." However, I cam away with much more. I really enjoyed it.

Richard Crabtree | CPA, PFS, Managing Partner
CEO, Berkowitz Pollack Brant
Well thought out. You could tell every detail was discussed beforehand. Professional staff are excellent and very helpful and caring.

Joseph Saka | CPA, CFS. CEO.
Managing Director, Kreisher Miller
The entire program was outstanding. Really appreciate the effort that went into developing a curriculum and recruiting expert instructors. At most conferences, there are usually a few high points with a lot of "filler," but this program was solid throughout.

Chris Meshginpoosh | CPA, CGMA, Managing Director
Chairman, Shareholder, Roetzel
I highly recommend the program. You will not leave the Bootcamp without learning more about yourself and how to lead others. From top to bottom, the program is first rate. I plan on sending one of my firm's future leaders to next year's program.

Robert Blackham | JD. Chairman
Partner, Kahn, Litwin, Renza
As a practice leader for many years who is now transitioning to CEO, I have always valued the opportunity to get out of the office and meet leaders in other firms who are willing to share experiences. The Managing Partner Bootcamp did not disappoint! The content for both sessions was very well conceived and delivered by Gary Shamis and the team. Though I went believing I was ready for this new chapter, I still found the experience insightful. The small size of the cohort lent itself for great discussions, both during the sessions and after hours over dinner. I highly recommend the program.

Paul Oliveira | CPA, MST, Partner
Managing Partner, Bennett Thrasher
I found the MPB program to be very informative and valuable to me in leading into my taking over as Managing Partner. Gary and his team built a very well rounded program that addressed and dealt with just about every issue you could imagine would impact you as a Managing Partner. The relationships built with my fellow participants and the interaction with other MPB alumni at the recent reunion was another highlight for me.

​​Jeff Call | Managing Partner
Partner and Vice President, Adams Brown CPA
The real-world perspective that Gary, David and the rest of the Winding River team bring to the discussions is invaluable. Throughout the program, we focused on how to build not only a successful firm but also build successful leaders within our firm, a topic that’s front of mind in the current labor market. Additionally, the community and relationships gained throughout the process are top notch. I still stay in touch and collaborate with my MPB peers.

Ben Wilson | Partner and Vice President
CPA, Wagner, Duys & Wood, LLLP
The Managing Partner Bootcamp is the best training available for the managing partner and future leaders of a cpa firm. The bootcamp transformed my thinking and my cpa firm. Gary Shamis is one of the greatest managing partners, mentors and authors in the history of the profession and he shares his knowledge and insights in the program.

Brad Wagner | CPA
Partner, BDO
As a former CPA firm managing partner now serving managing partners across the country, this program is an experience worthy of investment. While covering the broad range of topics a managing partner faces, participants can develop lasting relationships with an intimate group of peers who will serve as a network for years to come. Gary has assembled a top-notch team who has designed the program to contain the right balance of expert instruction, peer interaction, and group networking.

Anna Brosche | Partner
As a new CEO, this was exactly what I needed to help guide my decision making process.

Gian Pazzia, CCSP | CEO
Shareholder, Doty, Pruett, Wilson PC
The MPB was a refreshing change from the normal classes. The content was designed by someone who had been there and done that which showed. It was much more proactive and addressed the challenges we were likely to face in the future rather than rehashing the issues of the past. In addition, the relationships that were built both with the staff and other managing partners will continue to add value.

Tyson Pruett | CPA, PFS, Shareholder
As a new managing partner, I found MPB to be extremely valuable. To spend a few days immersed in the knowledge and experience of Gary, his colleagues and the other partners in the room, is unlike any other leadership opportunity I have found in the CPA profession. We covered tough topics that come up every day in this role and others that hopefully never come up but you need to have the tools and resources to manage these issues when they do arise.

Jessica Freiburg | CPA, Managing Partner

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