The Hybrid Workplace

Three intangible shifts shaping the firm of the future

By: Gary Shamis, David Toth, Marsha Leest, Evan Ishida, Jack Ricchiuto, and Jen Margolis

Hybrid Workplace 2

Practically overnight, we transformed into virtual firms, using technology in ways and at levels we hadn’t expected for another 10 years.

2020. A year eagerly awaited because it sounded like it would be powerful; have vision. And it was and it did - just not in the way anyone expected.

We learned some important things about ourselves and our businesses as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Most of the time, we were resilient and agile enough to handle the extreme level of disruption and stress we faced with some degree of efficiency and innovation. And while we thought this was an event, it has become an evolution. An evolution of the accounting profession, an evolution in the way we conduct business and go to market, and an evolution in the way we initiate and nurture relationships - whether with prospective clients, prospective hires, or the community at large.

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